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  • 2023 Application season opens

    November 1
  • 2023 Student application deadline

    February 15
  • 2023 Letters of reference deadline

    February 15
  • Requests for interviews sent to applicants

    March 1
  • 2023 Program at JAX Bar Harbor begins

    Late August
The incoming cohort of 2023 Postbacc Fellows at JAX will be hosted on our Bar Harbor, Maine campus.

Bar Harbor, Maine

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Farmington, Connecticut

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Alisha Tillman

Alisha conducted female reproduction research in the lab of Ewelina Bolcun-Filas.  She joined the Postbacc program at JAX to prepare for med school.

My ultimate goal is to be an OB/GYN who empowers women holistically by providing quality healthcare and safety in underserved communities.

Alisha is currently pursuing her MD at VCOM - Auburn.

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Ashley Tucker

I am working alongside Dr. Julie Wells and Dr. Carol Bult to develop and characterize a mouse model of metastatic lung cancer as I prepare to matriculate into a MD-PhD program next summer. Although metastasis is a primary cause of cancer death, there is a lack of reliable and reproducible in vivo models to investigate this process. Our model builds on an existing lung cancer model that harbors an inducible oncogenic KrasG12D mutation and Trp53 deletion. We have added to this model a damaging mutation in the Dicer1 gene that is inducible in a cell-type specific manner. My part of the project involves the investigation of mRNA expression levels throughout the development of lung adenocarcinomas and metastases, handling both the bench work and computational components involved. We aim to generate such a model to better understand the underlying mechanisms of metastasis, ultimately focusing on the miRNA communication between cells during cancer progression and their potential use as therapeutic targets.

 Ashley is currently pursuing an MD - PhD at UConn Health.

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Carlos Leon