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Our Technical Information Scientists are ready to answer your in-depth mouse questions, file comments and suggestions, and solve your technical problems. | 1.800.422.6423 (US)+ (International)

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Find helpful tips and FAQs for successful mouse colony management.

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Troubleshoot genotyping and find protocols for your JAX® Mice strains.

Genotyping - Technical Support

Health, Housing & Husbandry

Check out guidance for strains that require special housing and care, and FAQs on general mouse health and housing.  

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Strain Selection & Phenotyping

Review strain selection FAQs when planning your study and other resources for a better understanding of mouse strain phenotypes.

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Strain Background & Genetic Drift

Find information for strain background and tips to protect against genetic drift.   

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Research Tools: Cre-lox & More

CRE-LOX & More:  Find resources to understand cre-lox and other similar models.   

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Nomenclature for Mouse Strains

Review standard mouse strain nomenclature.

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Other Resources

Find additional data, links, and resources used by our Technical Information Scientists to answer common mouse questions.

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